Detective Sergeant Christian Anderson never looked back when he fled his hometown of Cedar Lake, Saskatchewan ten years ago. Never once did returning to this forsaken place he fought his teen years trying to escape ever cross his mind. But after a desperate, early morning call from his best friend, Gemma, and everything changed.

Her older sister, Cassidy, vanished two days earlier from the front steps of a rehab center. No one has seen or heard from her since. She pleads with the local constable for help, only to discover they aren’t as willing to offer their assistance when the missing person is also the town junkie.

Anderson hesitates but agrees to assist. With his bags packed, he treks across the vast Province. As the investigation ramps up, several people instantly appear on his radar, and during the course of the investigation, he uncovers secrets regarding his own mother’s life and disappearance twenty-four years earlier.

Time is running out to save a lost soul, but will DS Anderson rescue her in time? Or will the town of Cedar Lake claim another victim?